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  • 2015/11/27
    The Tiens team visits the Data Science Institute of the Imperial College in London in November. Professor Guo Yike (third from right) introduces the latest big data project to the team. Provided to China DailyTo celebrate the pharmaceutical company's 20th anniversary, they traveled to Nice, where o...
  • 2014/12/19
    Two designer outlet villages are set to open in Pudong next year ahead of the first phase of Shanghai Disneyland-Silk Road Holdings' Renaissance-styled Florentia Village, in January, and Shanghai Village, operated by Value Retail, later in the fall. They could hardly have timed it better: The domest...
  • 2014/01/17
    A Buddha-head collector in Taiwan has donated all his trophies to the Chinese mainland. This is the third time that such religious cultural relics are returning home. Han Bingbin traces the history. Thirty years ago on a Taipei street known for antique sales, Andy Yeh had his epiphany moment when he...
  • 2013/05/02
    Output at the 27-hectare Beidou Strategic Emerging Industrial Park is expected to be worth 10 billion yuan by 2017, said Miao, secretary-general of the Global Navigation Satellite System and Location-Based Service Association of China.He added that 30 to 50 companies will then be operating in the pa...
  • 2012/12/07
    Tianjin takes the lead in attracting high-tech investment from EuropeVolkswagen, Novozymes, Danfoss, Novo Nordisk, Alstom and Kerneos are European companies that are market leaders in their respective segments. Though their lines of business are as different as chalk and cheese, one key to their glo...
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